Material Color
Exchanging Ideas on Natural Dyes


This page is a sample of the work of Virginia Hoge. Read about how she got started here.

The paintings are (clockwise, from top left)
  • Pod, 2002 - Polypore, acorn and black walnut dyes with alum, iron and tin mordants on tannined paper 13.5" w x 17" h
  • Smokey Mountains #5, 2001 - Iron and Alum water (small amounts of the mordents in filtered water), fustic, clove (with iron) and cochineal dyes on tannined paper 13" w x 9" h
  • Summer Stream Bed, 2005 - Onion skins, plain and with alum, Black Walnut on plain paper 9" w x 11" h
  • King and Queen, 2004 - Goldenrod, Black walnut and Indigo* dyes (no mordants) with Georgia Mud on plain paper 17" w x 12" h *a freeze-dried "instant indigo" from Japan