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Exchanging Ideas on Natural Dyes

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Resources for books on natural dyes See what books are available for natural dyes. Your purchase will help to support this site.
Aranya Natural dyers in South India specializing in silk, cotton and wool, Aranya has 10-year successful venture for young adults with physical challenges.
Associazione Tintura Naturale M. E. Salice The Natural Dye Association Maria Elda Salice is a documentation, research, consulting and teaching centre. Italy
The Australian Forum for Textile Arts TAFTA supports all the textile arts through publications, FORUM conferences, workshops and resources.
Avani Avani is a volunteer organization that aims to enhance livelihood opportunities in the Central Himalayan region by developing existing crafts of spinning, weaving and natural dyeing of wool and new fibers.
Botanicolor The Ethnobotanic of Fibres and Dyes
European Textile Network ETN is an European resource for information related to textiles.
Mama D.O.C. This Portland, Oregon based nonprofit promotes natural health and natural dyes.
Natural Dyes International An international nonprofit organized to research and share information on natural dyes and pigments and to educate the public about their history and use.
NPO Earth Network Earth Network is an environmental organization promoting awareness of the beauty and wonder of nature's colors and materials. Japan
Okhra Le Conservatoire des ocres, et pigments appliqués, Provence, France
TextileLinks This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.
The Textile Society of America The Textile Society of America provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide.
WARP Weave A Real Peace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women and communities-in-need around the world through textile arts.
Wool Traditions Wool Traditions is an US nonprofit educational center for sustainable agriculture.

AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Complete range of natural dye extracts with full support for developing dyeing processes at the consumer end. India for books on eco textiles See what books are available for eco textiles. Your purchase will help to support this site.
Aurora Silk Natural Dyes and Fiber Silk, hemp, thread, yarn, fabric, silkworms, natural paint dyes and immersion dyes including indigo, logwood, cochineal, fustic, and madder. Free textile dyeing articles. USA
The DyeWorks Natural dye, pigment and earth oxide company. Specializing in complex cloth, workshops and natural dyes. Instructional website and e-commerce store. USA
Earthues, A Natural Color Company, Inc. 27 years experience in supporting the dyer's art worldwide - natural dye extracts, books, workshops, and plant dyed textiles. USA
Inge Boesken Kanold Inge Boesken Kanold's work as an artist on and with the colour purple originating from shellfish. France
KSG Enterprises Manufacturer of natural indigo dyes; suppliers of indigo leaves and indigo dyes in cake and powder form. India
The Mulberry Dyer Historical dyer of natural fibres, yarns and cloth for period or modern use.
The Prairie Fibers Company Suppliers of natural dyes, paints and pigments; Hand-dyed fabrics and fibers. USA
Renaissance Dyeing Renaissance Dyeing carefully produces naturally dyed fine crewel embroidery wool. France
Tinctoria Leentje van Hengel offers clothing and home textiles created with natural dyes. The Netherlands

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